Library has Collection of Various books for UG & PG programmes and they collectively support teaching, research and other academic programmes of the institution.All the students and faculty members of the institution are entitled to make use of the library facilities by accessing their library membership

  • They have two qualified librarians for assistance with 10,000 Books , 10 Journals and Various magazines.
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is provided to facilitate online search of books available in the Library with titles, author, keyword and subject search option.
  • Library Register is maintained in the Library and the visitors of the Library are asked to do entry and exit signature, so as to maintain the attendance every day.

External users from other institutions are allowed to use the library on production of library access cards or a letter from their institution. The library access cards will be distributed to the concerned institutions on recommendations from the Founder C.Perumal    . External users are not permitted to issue out library items. External users may access the photocopy facility for use on an immediate payment basis.

Other visitors to the library may use it provided a staff member introduces them to the librarian. The concern staff member is responsible for the visitor. Externals users and visitors are allowed to use the library only during office hours. The permanent staff of the institute can provide a list of members of the family who may be allowed to the library. Family member may be issued library material only through concerned staff.