கல்லூரி, காலை 09.30 மணி முதல் நண்பகல் 02.45மணி வரை மட்டுமே செயல்படும். பகுதி நேரம் வேலைக்குச் சென்று பொருளீட்ட ஓர் அறிய வாய்ப்பு.

  • Applicant Information
  • Parents Information
  • Other Information

Applicant Information

Course Applied For

Name of the Applicant (விண்ணப்பதாரர் பெயர்

Date of Birth (பிறந்த தேதி)


Aadhaar No (ஆதார் எண்)





Communication Address

Father/Guardian Mobile Number

What's App Number


Is there any Reference Person?

UG Degree Part one Percentage

UG Degree Part Two Percentage

UG Degree Month & Year of Pass

Parents Information

Name of the Father /Guardian

if Guardian,Relationship to Applicant

Occupation of Father

Name of the Mother

Occupation of the Mother

Annual Income?


Please upload your photo

Max. size: 512.0 MB

Hailing from Rural / Urban

Are you First Generation Graduate?

Are you Physically Challenged?

Are you son / daughter of an Ex-serviceman of Tamil Nadu origin ?

Are you tamil origin from Andaman, Nicobar and Srilanka?

Distinction in NCC / NSS / Sports at District & State Levels

Name of the School last studied, Place & District

Is College Transport Needed

Note : The Candidate/parents/ward should ensure that correct marks are furnished by them in the in the application. If found to be incorrect them, He/she will forfeit the admission, no matter at what stage of the course he/she be in at that time. He/she will be debarred from pursuing the studies for a period of three years and Legal action will be instituted against him/her for furnishing wrong details.

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